About Us




Teadonna sources the finest ingredients to not only stir the taste buds, but senses of sight and smell.



Reminding each woman to take 5 minutes for herself every day through a cup of tea. 



Teadonna strives to reach women who need the most support by donating a percentage of the proceeds to a charity that empower women.

A few words about us

It all started out with a cup of tea and a dream.  The inspiration of "teadonna" comes from the combination of "tea" and "donna", "donna" meaning women in Italian.  The story is simple; Teadonna was inspired by strong women supporting each other through the ups and downs of everyday life.  Four women, in different situations of life, came together and sent inspirational memes to get through their rough nine-to-five jobs on top of daily stresses of life.  The five minutes of “me” time was born, with a photo of tea and an inspiration quote sent via group text daily, Teadonna came to life. 

Women are natured to be nurturers, and often forget to take a moment just to breathe.  Teadonna wants to be that source of inspiration, that five minutes of sanity, for every woman, every day. 

Each blend is handcrafted to cater towards different phases and moods, creating the perfect tea for women.  Each message in a tin is carefully crafted to inspire, create laughter, and support. 

For every cup that is sipped, Teadonna is paying it forward by donating a percentage of the proceeds to support a charity that empowers women.  Teadonna hopes that you will join us in our journey to help support other women.  Take a sip of our tea for women and pay it forward along the way!

Tell us your story via Facebook or Instagram.  Tag us using @teadonna and #teadonna and join the conversation!  To learn more about the charity we are sponsoring, please click here.  Questions, concerns, or feedback? Please feel free to contact us here.

Empowering women, one cup of tea at a time.